The Four Horsemen of Psoriasis

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Cure your psoriasis for good using this science based natural therapy.

Tell your doctor that your psoriasis starts in your gut and he will laugh out loud. But it does and this book explains why and tells you how to fix it.

Every medical treatment for psoriasis tries to hide or subdue it.

Why not fix what's causing it, once and for all? This book will tell you how.

Written by a doctor who has 30 years of personal experience dealing with psoriatic arthritis. He was once in a wheelchair from rad

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Finally overcome your psoriasis.

Heal yourself naturally using this easy to follow program. A step-by-step treatment plan designed by a doctor with 30 years of experience working on and suffering from psoriasis.

Discover how psoriasis begins in your gut. Understand why skin and joint treatments like ointments, pills and injections, can never provide long-term relief. This natural therapy uses 21st century science to help you tame the four wild horsemen of psoriasis: Diet, Stress, Activity and Sleep.

Learn the foods, techniques and supplements that will restore your gut health and cure your psoriasis. Unleash The Power of Five, a daily supplement strategy to rebuild your health. You will be amazed at how much better you will feel. The pain from your psoriatic arthritis will dim and even vanish completely. Healthy skin will steadily replace skin plaques and scalp psoriasis as you lose the itch forever. Your mood will lift and life will become enjoyable once more.

Imagine the joy of living psoriasis-free, without any medications, creams and ointments.

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