Tame these four wild horses to get better!

I can show you how to work on the areas needed to restore your health and well-being and at the same time fix your psoriasis. I will provide clear strategies that will help you tame your psoriasis and make you whole and well again.


What affects your psoriasis?

Each horseman plays his part in your psoriasis. To properly heal yourself, you need to deal with each one. Together they contribute to the state of your gut, the dominant factor fueling your psoriasis.


1 – DIET

The food you eat contributes directly to the state of your gut. Eating sugar rich junk foods and grains worsens your gut and your psoriasis. Get your diet right, your gut will heal and in the process your skin will too.



Everyone knows that stress is bad for you. What is not so obvious are the effects of stress on your gut and immune system. Chronic stress raises cortisol levels, which damages your gut and wreaks havoc with your hormone balance. Once you lower your cortisol levels, your gut will heal, your weight will normalize, your energy levels will rise and so will your sex drive.



Lack of exercise affects both your immune system and your gut. The effect on your health is so severe that the World Health Organization considers physical inactivity to be the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality.(1) Some light exercise will quickly enhance your immunity and boost important hormones.



The amount of sleep you get and how regular it is makes a massive difference to your health. Lack of sleep directly affects your gut health. Your sleep habits and the amount of sunlight you get sets your body clock and dictates your body rhythms. Get your sleep patterns under control and your psoriasis will follow.


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