How the Diet Works


This program is not really a diet. It is a lifestyle choice.

Decarb provides you with e knowledge to live diet free and to guide yourself through the daily challenges of maintaining a healthy eating program and making the correct choices about the stuff you put in your mouth.


This low carb (NOT high protein) lifestyle will enhance your life and:


  • Greatly decrease your chances of getting cancer or heart conditions
  • Restore your normal hormonal functions and reduce your chances of getting diabetes
  • Raise your energy levels
  • Slow down your aging processes
  • Maybe even add five or more years on to your lifespan
  • And yes, you will also lose weight

This diet works in three stages (also called phases).


  • Prepare: In this step you will prepare yourself and your environment for the journey you are about to embark on. Step 1 lays the ground work for you to succeed.
  • Attack: Attack stage when you go all out to Decarb and remove as many carbs from your diet as possible. This stage is when you will see some quick weight loss.
  • Defend: This Stage becomes you way of life as you Defend your wins and fight off the curse of creeping weight gain that could put you back where you were when you started the diet. Defense is a way of life, where you remain vigilant and careful to ensure that you remain lean and healthy for the rest of your life.

The Decarb Diet is based on research base medical and scientific principles. Much of this research is provided to members on the website and in the Decarb Diet & Lifestyle Book.

You can become lean and rescue your health without ever looking at this section, however, if you need to understand more, I have worked hard at making the science accessible.


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