Banting Sucks

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Find out why Banting Sucks how to fix Banting and lose stubborn belly fat Banting Sucks LCHF/low-carb fails and how to fix it.

Double the results of Banting with half the carb restrictions Break out of low-carb plateaus and lose that muffin top middle Avoid the dangers of high-protein

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Why does Banting Suck?


If Banting didn’t work for you, this is the book you need.

Does the idea of spending your life avoiding and counting carbs turn you off?

Are you are one of those Banters left with a soft belly?

Are you stuck on a weight plateau after months of avoiding carbs?


Help is in your hand

When Banting leaves you on a plateau with belly fat that just won’t go, Banting Sucks explains how to halve carb restrictions with double the results. It also highlights the dangers of the high protein intake that often accompanies low-carb diets.


In this book, you will learn why:

Banting often does not work for women over 40

Banting does not properly address the causes of insulin resistance

Skipping breakfast is the best thing you can do for your health

Eating little and often predisposes you to cancer and heart disease

Insulin is a killer

You can exercise yourself thin


Whether you are a Banter who is experiencing problems with the restricted regime; a lover of carbs; or someone who is interested in the next revolution after low-carb diets, you need to know why Banting Sucks.


Find out how you can eat well, stress less and sleep better.


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