People Have Gone Banting Crazy

Banting Is Big But...

Sadly the diet plan does not work for everyone, especially women over forty.

Many good Banting starts come to a grinding halt and plateau, leaving stubborn belly fat that just won’t go.

The main reason Banting fails is because it is designed to targets blood sugar. It fails to address insulin directly, leading to disappointing results and weight re-gain. Improved insulin sensitivity will allow you to lose weight and reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer.

Banting Sucks shows you how to halve the carb restrictions of Banting with double the results by offering a lifestyle solution to
correct the high protein intake that often follows low-carb diets.

The book challenges many aspects of Banting and other LCHF diets with claims such as the following:

  • Banting’s major problem is that it does not properly address the causes of insulin resistance
  • Weight loss plateaus affect more than 90% of all long-term Banters
  • Many Banters pile on the protein which in excess can act as kindling for cancer
  • Insulin is a killer
  • Skipping breakfast is the best thing you can do for your health
  • Eating little and often predisposes to cancer and heart disease

The book provides practical solutions that are achievable, sustainable and effective.

The result is a quality lifestyle that allows you to eat well, stress less, sleep better, enjoy a lifetime of good health and live longer.

For anyone looking to be more active and for seasoned exercise entheusists the book has novel advice about:

  • Why less exercise is better for you and long gym or training sessions are wasting your time.
  • How to exercise yourself thin
  • How to build muscle naturally.

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